Our Strategic Goals 2030

Saudi Arabia has always been characterized by geographical, civilizational, social and economic factors that enable us to assume a high position among leading countries in world. Pillars vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 have been developed and implemented.

The Kingdom's position in Arab and Islamic world will enable us to play our leading role as the depth and support of Arab and Islamic nation. Our investment power will be the key and engine for diversifying and sustaining our economy, while our strategic position will enable us to be a hub for connecting the three continents.

Our Company has committed itself to principles and methodologies of Saudi Vision 2030 and to strive to provide a professional working environment capable of implementing company's plans and strategies under supervision of technical staff and a highly skilled Saudi team through interconnection of all the company's sections and employing them in customer service continuously.

Our commitment to achieving each axis of our vision depends on achieving number foundations objectives, which represent a model that we will work together to achieve.

contracting sector is one of most important engines of national economy and it is a growing and promising sector. It is also second largest economic sector in Kingdom after oil sector and will benefit from this promising vision, which carries with it all interest to the citizen and development of the country and all its economic sectors. With entry of international companies to Saudi market, our goal is to reach a national business model that competes with international companies in achieving highest standards of quality in work and professionalism with a high priority to all the requirements of our customers.

either Kingdom’s interest in building on vision 2030 in future of development and economic development, which is a key focus in implementing this vision, we have established strong objectives and foundations for expansion of our Company and make a huge leap forward to establish a strong and competitive national contracting sector.

In addition to contracting sector, we have endeavored in branch our Company for Transport and Equipment to achieve objectives of vision to reach a high level with high efficiency and continuous development by 2030 and to maintain our capabilities and to be an operational company. The types of cars with a huge number of quality distinctive.

In 2030, according to vision of our country, economic sector will be fruitful and prosperous in all its fields. Our vision is to become more efficient and experienced in field of petroleum services to complete expansion plan and further develop and qualify our skills to provide integrated service to all our customers.

Petrometrek is officially recognized as an oil services company and our goal is determined by our core values: to use our strategic plans and ideas to create new things and achieve our business goals and commitment to high efficiency.

Our goals in 2030

Our Mission

We intend to achieve our vision through continuous growth, promoting innovation and development in all sections of company, which can only be achieved by providing an advanced and talented workforce to maintain company's identity.

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